NYC backflow prevention of NY. Filing. Installation. Testing.  
  No need to deal with three different people to install a NYC backflow preventer in your water line. I am a professional engineer, a master plumber and RPZ tester and I can handle all your backflow design, filing, installation, testing and certification.  
  I am a professional engineer with over 30 years experience in design and construction management. I am experienced in the design and construction of plumbing systems, fire sprinklers, boilers and air conditioning. I have tremendous field and hands on experience.  
  I provide these services in the five boroughs of New York City. By hiring me, you will get the best value for your moneys, as I am willing to give you a minimum of $100.00 discount over any other legitimate estimate.  
  After the NYC Department of Environmental Protection approves the RPZ plans, I will proceed with the installation and the testing of the device. The initial RPZ testing and certification report is included in my tout compris package.  
  Call: 646-255-6158